Dental Veneers for a Better-looking Smile

A lot of people experience dental problems at one point in their lives, no matter how excellent their dental hygiene might be. It is worse for those who have poor dental hygiene because they are more prone to developing cavities and other unsightly dental problems such as yellow teeth. Although proper dental hygiene is taught to kids, there’s no turning back for adults who had grown up with poor dental hygiene or had suffered an accident resulting to cracked teeth. Teeth just don’t grow back or fix themselves! Thankfully, dental advances have made sure that most problems can be corrected.

Dental Crown BGC

Before and After of two front teeth “Zirconia Crown”, polished and stained to look natural.

Dental veneers in Makati have been around for so many years that, often, people take them for granted. What’s great about these products is that they have the ability to instantly create the illusion of a perfect smile. That’s the reason why this is very popular with patients and cosmetic dentists.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are custom-made shells applied over the teeth to improve its appearance. These wafer-thin products can be made from dental porcelain or composite resin. Sometimes, the dental porcelain is combined with metal for a more durable veneer.

Zirconia Crown Cost

Another sample of tooth restored using zirconia crown.

It was Charles Pincus, a dentist in California, who invented these veneers after making some temporary ones used in a film shoot in 1928. He used dental adhesives to cement the acrylic veneers he had fabricated. Although adhesion was poor, the new invention was quickly favored by many patients and dentists. Soon, improvements were made, including etching to improve bonding and using other material types.

Today, bonding agents and better cements are used to cement the veneers in place, allowing for a more durable and longer-lasting fit that could actually last for 10 to 30 years.

Dental Crown Philippines

Before and After picture of four upper front teeth made from zirconia. Fitted and colored like a real tooth.

Dental Problems Corrected by Veneers

Different patients experience different dental problems but many of these can be corrected with veneers. Sometimes, it might be necessary for them to undergo a root canal to ensure that the treated teeth will not cause any more pain especially now that it already looks great.

The following dental problems may be corrected using veneers:

      • • Teeth with gaps in between
      • • Irregularly shaped teeth
      • • Uneven or misaligned teeth
      • • Broken or chipped teeth
      • • Worn down teeth
        • Discolored teeth due to large resins or chemicals

How Dental Veneers are Applied

A dentist may advise the patient to use dental veneers instead of getting a tooth extraction and using dentures afterwards. The procedure is actually quite easy, with the patient only required to come back once or twice for it to be finished.

Dental Crown Makati

Before and After of two upper front teeth, made from zirconia crown. Front tooth are now bigger exactly fitted to gums.

During the first examination, the dentist will assess the odds of the patient getting an improved smile with the use of veneers. Not all teeth can qualify and it is up to the dentist to determine the viability of using veneers on a particular tooth. Once the patient agrees to the procedure, the dentist will prepare the tooth, removing around ½ mm of the surface. An impression of the tooth will also be created.

Dental Crown Hollywood

Before and After picture of permanently stained and thin front teeth. Now in a healthy looking set of teeth.

It will take at least a week for the dental veneers in Makati to be fabricated. When these are available, the patient comes back to the clinic to have them fitted. Dental cement is used to bond it in place, with its chemicals activated by a special blue light that the dentist will pass over the treated tooth.

Dental Crown Smile

Dental Crown Veneers

Before and After. From old crown to zirconia crown, guaranteed that it will never look old.

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