When to Get Dentures

There are several reasons why teeth are lost. It can be due to cavity for lack of proper dental care. It can be due to an accident, or caused by a fight. When a tooth is missing, the first solution that comes to mind is getting a denture. Others will just shrug at the idea especially if the lost tooth is the last molar where no one else can notice it is gone. The problem with a lost tooth, though, is that it gives the front teeth moving space, hence, gaps begin to form. It may be slow but it does happen and that’s how to start to get ugly which will manifest when you get much older.

Why Get Dentures

There are several advantages for getting dentures.

First, it is better to chew on food, especially those that need chewing.

Second, it is better to look at when no tooth is missing.

Third, it makes pronunciation easier, and

Fourth, it boosts self-esteem and self-confidence.

Type of Dentures

There are partial and complete dentures. The former is when you have one to a few teeth missing on the same jaw, whether they are all together or spaces apart. The denture holds on to whatever remaining teeth you have. The latter is when you have no tooth left on the same jaw, instead, all teeth in complete set can be worn in one go. It can be the upper (maxillary) or lower (mandibular) set, or both. Dentures are normally removable. When it is not, the partial is bridged and the complete can still be removable but there are implants which the denture can be snapped to. It is much stabler to have the fixed version but of course it comes with a higher price.

Common Problems of Dentures

There are several problems with dentures.

(1) It hurts somewhere.
(2) It is loose.
(3) The bite is not perfect.
(4) It floats (too obvious, especially in front).
(5) Too tight.
(6) Discoloration happens too soon.

For the last item, you should tell your dentist in Philippines ahead of time that you wanted teeth that will not easily discolor like porcelain. As for the other, you have to let your dentist know about the problem as soon as the denture is fitted. To prevent loose dentures, dental registry should be done when the gums are completely healed. It will also prevent the floating effect. For complete dentures, common problem are: (1) Excess saliva production happens because there is something in the mouth that the brain senses as food. This normally happens for the first 24 hours and will later be back to normal. (2) Gagging is experienced by a few due to loose or too thick denture or psychologically denying the foreign body. Solution to psychological gagging is implant-supported palateless denture, which can also prevent gingivitis infection caused by accumulation of dental plaque.

When to Get Dentures

When you have a missing permanent tooth, get a dentures to avoid teeth gaps and reap the benefits of having complete set of teeth. However, if your budget can go for implants, the longer lasting and more real it feels.

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